Jeff & Sheri Easter - You Are Loved (CD)

Jeff & Sheri Easter - You Are Loved (CD)

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GRAMMY®-nominated duo, Jeff & Sheri Easter are known for their award-winning, country-infused blends and sweet harmonies. You Are Loved features a whole new variety to their established sound. It all began when they teamed up with Paul Overstreet to write a new song, which became the starting point for the whole album. Experience Jeff & Sheri Easter doing what they do best, singing down-to-earth gospel songs about everyday life while encouraging listeners through God's promises. Old and new fans will appreciate the music made for You Are Loved.


1. You Are Loved
2. People Like Me
3. Send It On Down The Nile
4. Learning To Dance In The Rain
5. Sweet Hellos
6. The Life I'm Living
7. Never Been Too Sad To Sing
8. Heaven's Forever
9. Today Is A Good Day
10. The Road To Everywhere

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